All Things Biomass Online Trade Show

All Things Biomass Online Trade Show
because there's more to biomass than a brokerage


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  short company description:   We develop, manufacture, and sell biomass heating and power generation systems
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Triple Green Flame Stoker™ (formerly chain grate stoker) is a world class combustion system engineered and manufactured in Canada by SCW Manufacturing. Our system has a unique ability to combust a variety of solid fuels to generate hot water or steam, while maintaining low emissions and high efficiency.

Our solid fuel combustion equipment has serviced North American customers for over 12 years with our products installed in many states and provinces throughout the North America. With over 120 of installations, our experience with reliable use of biomass fuels is extensive, and we continue to be the experts in the manufacture and deployment of these systems.

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company address: 1555 Highway 210    575    St Adolphe    MB    R5A 1A2    Canada
  map coordinates:
  contact: Raymond Dueck, owner
office phone: 204-883-2378
mobile phone: 204-782-2112
preferred contact method: email
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If you sell equipment, if you have expertise and experience others might value, you'll want to be here. If you're looking for equipment or services, expertise or others' experiences with biomass, you'll want to be here too.

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         The first year's listing is free. Listing to sell products or services after that is Can$60/year. Display Advertising is also available.
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If you are currently using biomass for heat (or for another use you want to publicize), consider posting information in our online Showcase.