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Bangladesh dfdfdf Satkhira
Canada MB Carman Vanderveen's Greenhouses heat greenhouse
Canada MB Hadashville Pineland Forest Nursery heat greenhouses & generate electricity
Canada MB Otterburne Providence University College & Seminary district heating system for our campus
Canada MB St Adolphe we use wheat straw to heat our facilities
Canada MB Winkler Bio-Heat Resources We use wood as a biomass fuel in our wood boilers
egypt kafr el sheikh kafr el sheikh Our wood pellet is one of the best pellet sent in Europe especially in it's with high quality (white and without any metal adds also it's efficient, easy to use, and 100% natural
Malaysia Kajang Biomass for power generation
Nigeria Ondo Akure SG AGRO COMMODITIES & ASSETS LLC We use Biomass as Biofuels for Electricity generation & Thermal Purposes
Nigeria Ondo State Akure SG AGRO COMMODITIES As Biofuels for Electricity Generation & Thermal Purposes
spain barcelona la pobla de claramunt
United States ME Fort Kent Northern Maine Medical Centre heat for hospital
United States ND Bismarck BSC Aquatic and Wellness Center Used to heat facility, two swimming pools and domestic water.
United States NE Chadron Chadron State College supply 90% of campus heat
United States Oklahoma 73448 We gather discarded railroad ties that would normally be put into landfills, and we recycle them into biomass fuel for companies that can use them for power
United States South Carolina Hilton Head Risk Management Disaster Service Inc. Tree Crews We use it as fuel and to protect children from head injuries.
United States WI La Crosse Gundersen Health System district system for hospital heat, electricity & autoclaves
USA Texas Winnsboro We are using biomass to heat poultry houses.
USA Wisconsin Almena Pineview Woodstoves LLC We burn wood biomass in our outdoor wood burning boilers.
Developing Solutions to Help the Biomass Industry
Wood Pellets can use for furnace and to produce electricity by using biomass power plant.
Our wood pellets are used for energy generation
We have been using Biomass Fuels in our stoves since its invention in 1988
Clearing unwanted brush
To make vapor
Turning it into cbd isolate
We utilize bio mass in processing for a variety of products.
We are currently harvesting biomass grass with intentions of making grass fuel pellets
I would like to get fully operational and show how thinking outside the box can lead to truly green technologies. This is taking a waste product and turning it into a biomass fuel that will greatly reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of traditional fossil fuels.

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If your company makes, sells or services biomass-related equipment, or if you have a service or expertise to offer biomass producers or suppliers, consider joining our online trade show All Things Biomass.