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You can have a display ad on our website. There are four options:

  • A square ad in the right column of our website. Dimensions: 116px by 116px
    • option 1: always on – $30/month
    • option 2: rotates with a maximum of 4 other advertisers: $10/month
  • A banner ad at the bottom of our website. Dimentions: 800px by 60 px
    • option 3: exclusive – $1,000/month
    • option 4: rotates with a maximum of 6 other advertisers: $200/month

All ads are clickable, taking our visitors directly to your website. 

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As noted on our About page, Biomass Brokerage was developed by the students, faculty and staff of Providence University College’s Business Administration program in the Buller Centre for Business Incubator. It now operates as its own company. We’d be happy to talk with you about buying shares.

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If your business or organization is looking for an green, start-up company to sponsor, look no further. Started by student entrepreneurs, our sponsorships can range from very small ($1,000) to sponsoring the full cost of a year’s operational cost ($50,000).

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If you are a government, a foundation, or an NGO looking to fund a practical solution to climate change, we’re definitely an option worth considering. Started on a shoestring, we’re making it possible for a biomass market to develop in local communities—and around the world.

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