The Fine Print

olive oil production biomass byproductBiomass Brokerage does not charge a membership fee, or a fee to list products to buy or sell.

We make our living by charging both the buyer and seller a transaction fee. When you buy or sell biomass through us, we charge you:

  •  $1 / MWh – 1st transaction
  • 50¢ / MWh – 2nd transaction
  • 25¢ / MWh – all subsequent transactions

If you would prefer to buy or sell by mass (or weight), we can accommodate that too. We would charge both the buyer and seller:

  • $4 / tonne – 1st transaction
  • $2 / tonne – 2nd transaction
  • $1 / tonne – all subsequent transactions

These transaction fees are in addition to the seller’s price listed in the Brokerage.


The default currency on this site is Canadian dollars (Can$), and the transaction fees listed here are quoted that way. However, we can quote and operate in virtually any currency you prefer. See our Currencies page for the list of currencies we can operate in.

We use the WP Currency Converter plugin to calculate the exchange rate, if currency conversion is required. A live version of this plugin is located in the sidbar on the right side of this page. WP Currency Converter plugin uses the current Google Finance currency data for its rates.

Currencies will usually fluctuate between the time a product is listed on Biomass Brokerage, the time it’s sold, and the time it’s delivered. We will use the currency conversion rates at the time the sale is recorded on this website.

Energy Units

Our default energy unit is the MegaWatthour (MWh).

See our Conversions page for a full explanation of our preference for this unit as a standard measure for transactions, as well as conversion ratios to other energy units.

As with currency, we can operate using any pretty much any energy unit you prefer.

Biomass Units

Some customers prefer to use weight, mass, or volume when dealing with biomass, rather than energy units. No problem.

Our default mass unit is the tonne (t), and we can accommodate many other units as well. Again, please see our Conversions page for more detail.