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  Fuel pellets 22 tons pellets Poland
source material: wood
primary uses: fuel for heat, livestock bedding, to make biodiesel
secondary uses:
not suitable for:
Does seller deliver? yes
Is delivery included in price?  no
Augerable? no
Storable? yes - inert
calorific value:
moisture content:
ash residue:
note to potential buyer: The company “Fedora - Oleg Browko” (Warsaw, Poland) supplies fuel pellets and briquettes (RUF, Nestro, Pini & Kay), made from natural raw materials: sawdust of deciduous and coniferous trees; husks of sunflower, canola, oats; straw. Packing: bags 15, 20, 25, 40 kg; big bag - 1 t. Additional information and targeted offers on request. The request must specify the product name, specifications, packaging, amount and delivery address.

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